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Important Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing Injection Molding Services

Release time:2023-05-12

Injection' target='_blank'>' target='_blank'>molding may be the rapid tooling solution you’re looking for to produce low-volume production-grade parts from production resins. It’s a form of end-use prototype manufacturing that lets you make prototypes similar to production parts with reduced costs and lead times. You just have to ensure you’re choosing the right injection molding services that can deliver what they promise. Here are the things you should keep in mind to make an informed choice.

Production capacity and volume

Most injection molding companies can handle low- to moderate-volume production parts but verify their minimum order quantity. You may want to consider a service provider that can provide up to 100,000 pieces with durable and reliable molds made of aluminum or steel.

Mold material

Reputable injection molding services create plastic molds from steel or aluminum. Although both options are available, they may recommend steel for custom injection molding projects for more value. The material typically delivers more than double the parts compared to aluminum molds.

Quality standards

Choose an injection molding service that is ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 1400 certified. It must have an in-house team of quality control and assurance specialists. A reputable company ensures the best services and results by using up-to-date engineering, machinery, tools, and software.

Full-service molding services

Look for injection molding services that offer end-to-end manufacturing solutions. That means you can count on them for consultation and assistance in designing your product, so you’re working together to ensure optimum results. Some companies also provide other prototyping solutions you might need for other projects, such as 3D printing and CNC machining.

Turnaround times and communication

Consider the time it takes for the service provider to complete most projects. They should maintain open and clear communication with you at all stages of product development. Discuss possible time constraints, and ensure they can inform you about potential delays caused by revisions, shipping, and manufacturing.

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