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Next-Level 3D Printing: Exploring Vowin Prototypes’ SLS Prototyping Services

Release time:2023-08-28

Next-Level 3D Printing: Exploring Vowin Prototypes’
SLS Prototyping Services

As custom 3D printing reshapes the future of
prototyping andmanufacturing, companies like
Vowin Prototypes are at theforefront, offering quick
and cost-effective solutions such asSelective Laser
Sintering (SLS). If you need a functional prototype,
our SLS prototyping services are an excellent choice.
Utilizingstate-of-the-art 3D printers and high-grade
materials, we canproduce an accurate SLS prototype
of your design and deliverit promptly. Our service
doesn’t demand a significant initial
investment, making it a cost-effective option during your product
design phase.

How does SLS 3D printing work?

Selective laser sintering is industrial additive manufacturing technology that crafts accurate parts from powdered
PA 12 or nylon.At Vowin Prototypes, we also offer glass-filled PA 12 to make 3D-printed parts that require greater
tensile and fatigue strength,stability, and stiffness. Since the process builds your part one layer at a time, an SLS
 can have a complex shape.Plus, it does not require support structures, therefore, reducing
post-processing times. That means we can finish your prototype

What are the advantages?

Many product engineers and manufacturers choose SLS prototyping services to increase their productivity and
throughput.Selective laser sintering makes parts with strong adhesives, so we can build objects with complex
shapes that can be finished
with coloring or dyeing.

Additionally, our SLS prototyping solutions can fulfill these needs:

  • Functional prototypes and parts
  • Components with complex geometries
  • Rapid prototyping and production
  • Components that require high-strength material
  • Flexible and fast prototyping
  • Low-volume production

If you need parts where function and strength are critical, we recommend building their prototypes with SLS
3D printing.Plus, the SLS prototype will allow you to test your design more effectively as it is made of tough
materials, making it

We can build your prototype today.

Reach out to the Vowin Prototypes team for a free project review now. We will work with you to build a
high-quality SLS prototype that can add value to your design and manufacturing process.

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