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Why 3-D Printing Is Booming in China!!

Release time:2020-04-03
Medical, automotive, machinery, consumer electronics, aviation and many more, it seems that there is not a single industry, sector or field in China that has not used the technology of 3D printing. Things like clothing, houses, sculpture, tumour models, machine parts and many other things are being created with the help of this technology.

The Chinese industrial sector has made rapid advances in 3D printing technology. The development covers both fundamental research and manufacturing techniques. Different from traditional manufacturing, which is based on the evicting of material by cutting and drilling, 3D printing creates objects by consistently laying down materials, such as wax or metal, based on virtual blueprints from computer-aided designs.

Advantages of 3d Printing:


Before 3D printing came into existence, a prototype would take weeks or sometimes months to manufacture. With 3D printing techniques, a business can do designing, manufacturing and testing, all within days or less. Even for small business and entrepreneurs, this technology difference is significant. The 3-D printing provides more freedom and creativity, without any need for expensive machinery. 3D printing is the best available option right now, in terms of speed for prototyping and small production runs.

2.   Cost:

The 3-D printing is the most cost-effective way in a manufacturing process, whether it is a small production run or prototyping. The traditional prototyping method is very expensive, as machines like CNC or injection moulding doesn't come cheap and requires high labour cost to run and operate them. In 3-D printing, few operators are required in the manufacturing process because very few types of machinery are used. In this technology, there is far less material wastage and it doesn't require additional tooling.

3.   Quality:

Using the traditional manufacturing method, many times it resulted in poor designing, which meant inferior quality prototypes. The quality in the traditional method is not always assured. There is a step-by-step assembly of the part in 3-D printing that improves the quality and the design of the prototypes.

4.   Flexibility:

It is impossible to create and manufacture a difficult form of geometrical shape in the traditional method, which can be simply done using 3-D printing technology. The 3-D printing can include multiple materials into a single object, which in case of the traditional method isn't quite possible. In 3-D printing, several designs can be manufactured in a variety of different material.

5.   Consistency:

In 3-D printing, the parts are printed in succession and can be monitored individually, which reduces the errors and an overall number of failed parts, thus, enhancing the consistent quality of the parts.

6.   Accessibility:

3-D printing can be used by a wide range of people than the traditional manufacturing setups. The setup of 3-D Printing is less expensive and it is easy to run, maintain and supervise the machine.


The materials used in 3-D printing are usually recyclable and this technology even creates less wastage of materials.

It is not necessary to own a 3-D printer, to benefit from one; there are many 3D printing services available for hire. For desired results, 3-D printing is the most cost-effective technology used in the market.
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