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5 Ways to Optimize Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Project Design!!

Release time:2020-04-03
1. Equip the Fabricator by Sending RFQ with In-depth Information:

When you send a Request for Quote, don’t just ask about the price of an item. In addition, you should include as many details as possible. The more information you will be able to provide, the more accurate estimate the fabricator can provide you. Attach required documents and mention about:

  • Shop-ready drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Engineering drawings
  • Plans and profiles
  • Your Site address
  • The person fabricator should contact
  • The date you need it and any other detail that can be helpful.

2. Contact and Get Your Fabricator Involved Early:

Though China is worldwide renowned for completing projects in much less time, it would be wise if you get your sheet metal fabricator involved in the project early. It’s because, in a hurry, it costs you more time and money to redesign non-optimal prototypes or' target='_blank'>product designs. However, when you involve a fabricator early in the design process, they can provide you with suggestions and minor alterations to make sure that the design is fabrication-ready.

3. Remove all Unnecessary or Ambiguous Details:

Extraneous, ambiguous, or unnecessary details can cloud the overall design of a product to be fabricated. It may mislead the fabricator or cause trouble in deciphering the design and thereby, can result in delayed production and more wasted money. So, before starting any sheet metal fabrication project, it is best to consult with your fabricator in China about which details are important and which aren’t.

4. Choose the Material with Caution:

There is a huge variety of materials that can be used for sheet metal fabrication projects. However, not every material is suitable for any project. There are several factors that might affect the practicality of a product, including the temperature it will be used in, weather conditions, indoor or outdoor use, humidity in the environment, sturdiness required, efficiency of the metal in certain conditions, and not to mention, the cost of production. So, ask for your fabricator’s input as they can help you determine the most suitable and efficient material for your design and product application.

5. Conduct Test before Production:

It is always recommended to conduct stringent tests on the test sample in order to figure out whether the product is working as per requirements or if it can endure the weather conditions of the place it will be installed. It is immensely vital to ensure that the product works well in real-world conditions. If you have chosen the right fabricator, you can get 3d models and prototypes that will assist you test your design before commencing the production and will be able to make necessary changes if required.

Follow all these points and you can successfully complete your sheet metal fabrication project.  
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